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Book: Underground to Canada

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This book I’ve found at the library. There’s tons of treasures hiding in this place! This book was on a table display about freedom. It’s a young adult book. Since I was reading about Ukrainians coming to Canada lately I thought I could give a try to the underground railroad for the abolition of slavery. The book “Underground to Canada” is by Barbara Smucker.

The author is really good at narrating the story I’ve found. I could have read the book in one day if I didn’t had to take care of my household. The accent is on Julilly and then some on Liza her friend. There’s a few more people involved in it but the story is about Julilly and her escape to Canada.  I could almost feel the pain, the hopes, the scares and joys of her journey.

At the end of the book there’s a very short biography about Mr. Alexander Ross and one about Mr. Levi Coffin with some Notes about them. These men played an important role in the “Underground Railroad” to free the slaves in the states and bring them to Canada.

I really liked this book. It’s recommended for age 8-12 years old but I guess adults can pretend to be young again!

Book cover


Book: The Practical Cyclist

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Here’s a book I read a while back. I was digging through my pile of not so well classified books and found this book. I first started to read “The Practical Cyclist: bicycling for real people” after I borrowed it from the library. What appealed to me was the yellow of the book, the old bike on the cover and the words “for real people”. For REAL PEOPLE eh!? This book is a 101 about bicycling without being childish. It’s well made. It bring you options, explain difference and is a story at the same time. I don’t recall this book being judgmental. The author Chip Haynes is really good at exploring the cycling world. It’s been published at New Society Publishers ( and as received the Mother Earth News: books for wiser living recommendation.  Yes this book is green! I as been printed on recycled paper.
So once I started the book, I decided I had to owned it too. Off to my favorite book store and I ordered it. The book is fairly inexpensive, it runs for about $15 for both Canadians and Americans.  This book counts about 180 pages.

Book cover

Book: The Urban Biking Handbook

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This book I wasn’t sure if I wanted to read it or not. I took it because the cover picture appealed to me. The Urban Biking Handbook: The DIY to building, rebuilding, thinkering with and repairing your bicycle for city living by Charles Haine.  By Quarry Books ( Published in 2011 and contain 208 pages. This book offer what it claims on its cover. Lots of good illustrations and explanation. It’s not just about 10 speeds but about all sort of bicycles like foldables, fixies, bmx, you name it. There’s also a section about fixing your ride. There’s step by step tutorials with good pictures. They even have a tutorial on how to jump curbs! How neat!
I think this is a good must have book in the bicycle owner bookshelf. I’m considering buying it.

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Pouding Chomeur

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If you are one of those that like sweet desert. The Pouding Chomeur is a decadent treat and super easy to make. It’s a favorite in my family. This desert find its origin in Quebec. It’s a traditional desert that the quebecois like. You can even order it in restaurants.

1 egg
3/4 cup of sugar
1 cup of flour
3 tea spoons of baking powder
1/2 cup of milk

1 cup of brown sugar
1 cup of water

In a medium sized bowl mix the egg and the sugar. Beat until smooth. Add the milk and mix. Then add the flour and the baking power and blend until smooth. Poor the bather in a greased loaf pan.

Mix the water with the brown sugar then poor on the bather mixture in the loaf pan.

Bake at 350F for 30 minutes or until the top of the cake is golden.

Happy baking!

cake side

Pouding Chomeur



Pouding Chomeur



Book: I love my bike

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I had some time to spare the other day so I stopped at the library to see if I can find some books to read. It was a nice day outside so my cycling addiction is surfacing like crazy. I went in the bicycle section and grabbed a few related books. When I picked up “I love my Bike” I flipped through the pages and thought that it would be easy to go trough since it was all photographs and barely any texts.  Well I found myself looking at all the pictures in detail fascinated by all the different bikes and people that rides them. The book is by Matthew Finkle and Britan Sullivan. Published by Chronicle Books ( and counts 160 pages. A must look at.

You can also visit the authors on their facebook page:

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Book: Stolen Child

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Another book I just finished. Since I really liked the “Last Airlift”. I went to check for other books from the same author Marsha Forchuk Skrypuch. I picked “Stolen Child” published at Scholastic. This book as 154 pages. I really liked this book. So much that I carried it to the doctor office and other appointments, went to bed early and didn’t go on the computer just to read it.

In this book you follow Nadia as she is a newly arrived to Canada from Germany just after the World War II. You go through her fears and new life as a Canadian and her ghosts. For those who know about the Lebensborn Program this book is about it. It also mention of the Displaced Person camps and the OST (Eastern Workers).


Stolen Child