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DIY: Rust removal on chrome

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For people that like shiny chrome there’s nothing worst then having it rust. I usually get bicycle that have rust on their handle bars, chain rings and other parts. That doesn’t look good. But it doesn’t have to stay that way. Unless the chrome is really rusted through there’s most likely a chance to bring it back to his like new shine. You don’t need to spend a fortune  into it and most of the time it takes a few minutes depending on the surface. In this post I will show you how to do it.

You will need:
– WD 40 or Varsol
– a Scotch bright pad
– a brass brush (nylon are too soft and steel will scratch)
– a rag
– protection glasses
– a rusty chromed item

What you need


Please wear the protection glasses while doing this as WD 40 and Varsol are toxic and you wouldn’t want them in your eyes. I also recommend rubber gloves and and something to cover your clothes as these products will stain. I also recommend to install yourself on a surface you don’t mind damaging or outside somewhere safe. A well aired area is a must have. Vapors from WD 40 and Varsol are not good for you.
I choose to make the demonstration with an old 10 speeds chain ring. The green rusty thing in the picture is my scotch bright. It’s well used and yes I need a new one. This poor thing have suffered enough!

Now, I’m in a WD40 mode lately but Varsol work just as good. Instead of spraying the Varsol pour  some it in a container you won’t need anymore.  Take your item and spray some WD 40 on a small area. For those using Varson dip the Scotch bright and apply on the rusty item. Then start scrubbing with the pad. If it’s too much work use the brass brush applying some pressure. Once the first area is scrubbed wipe it with the rag to see if there’s touch ups to be made. Then spray another area, scrub, wipe and keep going until the full piece is done. At the end give a good wipe to the full piece and you are done.



My chain ring took me less than 5 minutes to do. It’s looking good. I the back side of it is still rusty as I haven’t done it. Maybe a total of 10 minutes no more would have been required to do this piece.

Note: I have noticed that chrome fenders on bicycles are easy to scratch. I use the Scotch Bright as much as possible to not alter the finish. Before using the brass brush test in a hidden area to make sure it won’t scratch.

I find it fun do clean rusty chrome as the result is great. A nice shiny chrome piece. How nice! Have fun cleaning your pieces.


Let’s get started!

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Here we go, I got sucked in the bloggers world. I think Nicole from Scrap Me Baby ( made the last push. I’m still unsure of how this is going to turn out but let’s give it a try! What to talk about? Hmmm, let see. I’ve got an idea. What about bicycles? Yeah I know that’s all I have to talk about. I spend too much time with them.

Let’s see what’s new. Well , my latest addition was a Werlich tricycle from the 50’s. They were made from the early 1900’s until the late 50’s-early 60’s when the factory burnt down. They were a Canadian product from Preston Ontario. I’m proud to own yet another piece of the Canadian history!

This little guy feature a nice orange marking spray paint color (not original of course!) and a well used patina which I love. The front wheel is 16″ so its quite the big toy. I found the guy on kijiji for a good deal. It’s a nice addition and it looks real good in my living room. Done the hard days of labor. I might give it another coat of red paint (it’s original) and white too without fixing the rest of just to give it back a little bit of freshness. We’ll see.

Speaking of tricycles, why not bring up the 2 other ones I have in my collection? They need their moment of fame too.

One is a unknown origin not marked little guy. The paint is in good condition and the pinstrips are almost all intact. I believe this guy to be from the 80’s. Well used like most of these toys. One of the back wheels is busted but it still rolls. Cute little fellow.

Did I mentioned I found it in the garbage? Poor little thing.

The last one and more recent one. A Super Cycle tricycle that looks older than it is. I think it’s a late 90’s or early 2000’s. Hard to tell. They are so cheaply made nowadays. I’m glad it’s not made of plastic. I like the rust spots on it and its full wheels. It’s the itty bitty of the trio. I guess I should gather them together for a family portrait.  I found this guy in the garbage too. Ready to be sent for metal processing. 😦

Well i think that will be it for today. I have so much more things to show. My life is definitely not boring and filled up with passionate adventures and finds. See you soon!