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Monthly Archives: May 2012

How a bicycle is made

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My friend Neil sent me the link for this awesome video made in Britain in the Raleigh factory in1946. Director of  film is Norman Lee by the Signet Picture Corporation, cinematographer is Billie Williams. This short movie run for 17 minutes and 22 seconds.

Very interesting movie. I love the movies made from that period. To be watched!



Seat post judgement mistake

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I love repairing bikes for multiple reasons. One is being able to see what people do to their bikes that could have been prevented. Those bikes usually end up in the garbage and I’m often there to salvage what I can from the what’s left.

Recently I pick up this nice Renegade. Very nice in appearance but someone didn’t understand seat post adjustment. So next time someone asks you “Why can’t I raise my seat post that high?” show the following pictures.  The bike is basically scrapped unless some extensive welding work is involved. I wouldn’t trust this week point in the bike to perform right anymore. Even straightening the collar and inserting the seat post further down would put too much strain on the rest the the seat tube and the seat post in my opinion.

The damage



I have other bikes with different broken bones too post. Stay tuned!