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Monthly Archives: November 2012

Hair day

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For a while I have wanted a special place to hang my hair clips and some other hair accessories. I’ve browsed the web in search of ideas. My main requirement was that it need to be easy and do not require too much assembly nor any expensive materials. After months of research and tinkering I found something easy and quick. It took me only 10 minutes to put it together.

My new hair accessories holder

All you need to replicate this hair accessories holder is:
– a horse shoe (mine was already painted)
– a ribbon (mine was from a pajamas I bought a while back)
– a hot glue gun
– some rhinestones (I got mines from the dollar store)

To assemble it just glue the ribbon to the horse shoe. I overlapped the ribbon in the back so I glued fabric to fabric to ad some strength. Then glue the stores as you please. Being a debutante in the glue gun thing I had quite an hard time gluing those little stones. But that’s me and my clumsiness.

Close up on the shoe


another close up


Don’t mind the glue in the last picture. I didn’t post a picture of what I looked like. I had to battle the glue webs trying to embed me to my seat! The horseshoe is just an idea that I had. You can use practically anything you like to create your very own hair clip holder. It would also be a nice Christmas present for a lady or girl you know.

Happy Crafts!