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Here we go, I got sucked in the bloggers world. I think Nicole from Scrap Me Baby ( made the last push. I’m still unsure of how this is going to turn out but let’s give it a try! What to talk about? Hmmm, let see. I’ve got an idea. What about bicycles? Yeah I know that’s all I have to talk about. I spend too much time with them.

Let’s see what’s new. Well , my latest addition was a Werlich tricycle from the 50’s. They were made from the early 1900’s until the late 50’s-early 60’s when the factory burnt down. They were a Canadian product from Preston Ontario. I’m proud to own yet another piece of the Canadian history!

This little guy feature a nice orange marking spray paint color (not original of course!) and a well used patina which I love. The front wheel is 16″ so its quite the big toy. I found the guy on kijiji for a good deal. It’s a nice addition and it looks real good in my living room. Done the hard days of labor. I might give it another coat of red paint (it’s original) and white too without fixing the rest of just to give it back a little bit of freshness. We’ll see.

Speaking of tricycles, why not bring up the 2 other ones I have in my collection? They need their moment of fame too.

One is a unknown origin not marked little guy. The paint is in good condition and the pinstrips are almost all intact. I believe this guy to be from the 80’s. Well used like most of these toys. One of the back wheels is busted but it still rolls. Cute little fellow.

Did I mentioned I found it in the garbage? Poor little thing.

The last one and more recent one. A Super Cycle tricycle that looks older than it is. I think it’s a late 90’s or early 2000’s. Hard to tell. They are so cheaply made nowadays. I’m glad it’s not made of plastic. I like the rust spots on it and its full wheels. It’s the itty bitty of the trio. I guess I should gather them together for a family portrait.  I found this guy in the garbage too. Ready to be sent for metal processing. 😦

Well i think that will be it for today. I have so much more things to show. My life is definitely not boring and filled up with passionate adventures and finds. See you soon!


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  1. I just came into a werlich tricycle that was destined for the scra yard. It has a metal tag on the front that says preston on the left ,Canada on the right and werlich in the middle. It has a metal seat. It is unrestored but appears to be complete and umdamaged but obviously faded and used. I know nothing about werlich. Perhaps it may interest someone you know? Thank you.


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