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Monthly Archives: August 2012

Beat up

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Apparently if you can put things together you can find ways to make something  go a few more miles. This time I have the case of a Falcon Sherpa bicycle I brought home today. It was a few weeks I was seeing it standing with other bicycles in dire need of repair or beyond repair. This guy stood in the same place for weeks. Almost no parts were disappearing of it.

The Falcon Sherpa

This bike was made in England. I believe from the 80’s. The tubing seems to be decent (804) forks included. This bike as been badly neglected and have more than one owie. First thing is all the grime caked on the rear derailleur, free wheel, rear hub and chainring. Then the right side pedal have been replaced by a hook rod some washer and nut, the left crank is of an earlier bike and doesn’t fit so it wiggles, last the left pedal is now one from a older road bike. This is a sad looking bike.

Grime on the free wheel


Grime on the rear hub


Grime on the chainring

Ill fitting crank arm and wrong pedal

Rod pedal

I don’t know much about that brand of bikes. I’ve made a quick research on the web which led to nothing. If someone knows about the English Falcons please leave a comment.