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Book: Underground to Canada

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This book I’ve found at the library. There’s tons of treasures hiding in this place! This book was on a table display about freedom. It’s a young adult book. Since I was reading about Ukrainians coming to Canada lately I thought I could give a try to the underground railroad for the abolition of slavery. The book “Underground to Canada” is by Barbara Smucker.

The author is really good at narrating the story I’ve found. I could have read the book in one day if I didn’t had to take care of my household. The accent is on Julilly and then some on Liza her friend. There’s a few more people involved in it but the story is about Julilly and her escape to Canada.  I could almost feel the pain, the hopes, the scares and joys of her journey.

At the end of the book there’s a very short biography about Mr. Alexander Ross and one about Mr. Levi Coffin with some Notes about them. These men played an important role in the “Underground Railroad” to free the slaves in the states and bring them to Canada.

I really liked this book. It’s recommended for age 8-12 years old but I guess adults can pretend to be young again!

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