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Hot summer days

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Yesterday I was working outside on my bike pile. The dogs were out with me that’s no question. We had a peak of 30C so it was hot. Not only for humans but for the dogs and cats too. The cats totally disappeared for the day probably hiding in some cooler spot. The dogs were seeking for a hide too. One was digging the ground under a bush to rest on the cool dirt. Another one was in the shade but since he loves the heat he was also laying right in the sun. Then my two car loving hounds were in the car that was in the shade getting cooled off by a little breeze. I caught them sleeping away their hard day in the van. Though life it seems!


Lucy on the driver’s seat


Hank on the back bench


When it was time to go back in for the night they were pooped. Must be the lazy days that took it’s toll on them.

For the record the van was parked in the shades with widows and doors opened. They were free to be where they wanted. Also a pool of fresh water and water bowls are available at all time to them.


Book: The Mad Trapper of Rat River

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This time I got an old book out of the library. Sometimes (a lot of times) the dusty pages of an old book have a lot to offer. This book was first published in 1972. I like history and the one of my country even more. My friend Neil suggested me this reading as he also like his Canadian history. I know I can trust Neil when it comes to good books. So I headed to my online library and ordered this book. The first one to come was from the High Prairie Municipal Library.

The “Mad Trapper of Rat River” by Dick North takes place in the north country in the Yukon Territories and North West Territories from the late 1920’s to 1932. The book is devised in three parts. First one is about Albert Johnson, the second about Arthur Nelson and the third about their similarities and the rumors while tracking Johnson/Nelson’s tracks. While reading about the Johnson history I was amazed about the super powers of the guy. He carried a loaded pack with snowshoes weighing 10 pounds each on 85 miles in three days! The mounties were after him and the chase lasted for a total of 52 days in the crude winter with temperature averaging 45 below 0. While being chased Johnson couldn’t do any fire to not mark his position. No one knows how he did to survive that long without food. No one knows his real identity.The Nelson’s story is not as flamboyant as the Johnson’s one but it seems like the two guys were related as they are trying to make the relation in part three of the book.  A total mystery.

A book to read. It’s a short one but well made. Very interesting until the last part.

The Mad Trapper of Rat River

Book: Underground to Canada

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This book I’ve found at the library. There’s tons of treasures hiding in this place! This book was on a table display about freedom. It’s a young adult book. Since I was reading about Ukrainians coming to Canada lately I thought I could give a try to the underground railroad for the abolition of slavery. The book “Underground to Canada” is by Barbara Smucker.

The author is really good at narrating the story I’ve found. I could have read the book in one day if I didn’t had to take care of my household. The accent is on Julilly and then some on Liza her friend. There’s a few more people involved in it but the story is about Julilly and her escape to Canada.  I could almost feel the pain, the hopes, the scares and joys of her journey.

At the end of the book there’s a very short biography about Mr. Alexander Ross and one about Mr. Levi Coffin with some Notes about them. These men played an important role in the “Underground Railroad” to free the slaves in the states and bring them to Canada.

I really liked this book. It’s recommended for age 8-12 years old but I guess adults can pretend to be young again!

Book cover