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I’m back!

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I can’t believe I am writing this. It’s been so long since the last post. After a lot of computer torment I’m finally back online! I have done so much and so much happened. I can’t wait to tell all of my many stories. I might even have a picture or two. I’m excited to be able to share again. I really missed this blog.

I have been quite bad lucked with my desktop computers. The last one died about a month ago after running for a few days. It was just enough to post some online ads. In the last year I found out that a tablet is not the greatest tool for blogging. It can handle most of the surfing and reading I do but blogging and even Kijiji is beyond its capacity. Don’t get me wrong, I love my tablet to pieces. It’s been really helpful and will remain a good companion for a desktop computer or even a laptop. After the month of being patient I manage to find the right computer for the right price for my needs. It was to arrive next Tuesday but came in today. I was watching the tracking through the post like an hawk to see when it would arrive. I guess I was that blog deprived! I had to hold myself to not jump on wordpress right away. Steps  needs to be followed when you get a new computer such as initializing the os, establishing and internet connection and installing a good web browser. This takes time but it all happened smoothly and relatively simply.

So that is about it for today. I have so much to put here that I should write a plan to what will come first. The weather is supposed to be not so nice for tomorrow so I will able to split my time between some bike repairs and my blog. I’m glad to be back!



Book: The Urban Biking Handbook

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This book I wasn’t sure if I wanted to read it or not. I took it because the cover picture appealed to me. The Urban Biking Handbook: The DIY to building, rebuilding, thinkering with and repairing your bicycle for city living by Charles Haine.  By Quarry Books ( Published in 2011 and contain 208 pages. This book offer what it claims on its cover. Lots of good illustrations and explanation. It’s not just about 10 speeds but about all sort of bicycles like foldables, fixies, bmx, you name it. There’s also a section about fixing your ride. There’s step by step tutorials with good pictures. They even have a tutorial on how to jump curbs! How neat!
I think this is a good must have book in the bicycle owner bookshelf. I’m considering buying it.

Book Cover


Book: I love my bike

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I had some time to spare the other day so I stopped at the library to see if I can find some books to read. It was a nice day outside so my cycling addiction is surfacing like crazy. I went in the bicycle section and grabbed a few related books. When I picked up “I love my Bike” I flipped through the pages and thought that it would be easy to go trough since it was all photographs and barely any texts.  Well I found myself looking at all the pictures in detail fascinated by all the different bikes and people that rides them. The book is by Matthew Finkle and Britan Sullivan. Published by Chronicle Books ( and counts 160 pages. A must look at.

You can also visit the authors on their facebook page:

I Love my Bike cover