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Book: The Practical Cyclist

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Here’s a book I read a while back. I was digging through my pile of not so well classified books and found this book. I first started to read “The Practical Cyclist: bicycling for real people” after I borrowed it from the library. What appealed to me was the yellow of the book, the old bike on the cover and the words “for real people”. For REAL PEOPLE eh!? This book is a 101 about bicycling without being childish. It’s well made. It bring you options, explain difference and is a story at the same time. I don’t recall this book being judgmental. The author Chip Haynes is really good at exploring the cycling world. It’s been published at New Society Publishers ( and as received the Mother Earth News: books for wiser living recommendation.  Yes this book is green! I as been printed on recycled paper.
So once I started the book, I decided I had to owned it too. Off to my favorite book store and I ordered it. The book is fairly inexpensive, it runs for about $15 for both Canadians and Americans.  This book counts about 180 pages.

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  1. DisabledCyclist

    Cool,I’d never read this one,I’ll have to order my own copy to check out for that price range 🙂

    The DC


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