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Through the windows

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The other day I was on Pinterest and  I saw some old windows hanging on a wall and thought that it was a great idea. It looked so vintagy rustic. Then I remembered that somewhere in a barn I had a set of 3 old windows gathering dust and cobwebs. I got them in the house and cleaned them all up then got some hardware to hang them. They are now in my office gathering dust on the wall. I’m thinking of doing something with the panes. Seeing the wood wall is nice but I’m thinking that a frosty with a motif effect could put a nice touch.


I really liked the little pieces of hardware and the crack in one pane. It brings a little special touch to the look. I’m quite happy with how my office is turning to be. These windows were found through Kijiji. I picked them up many years ago thinking of turning them into some frames. As with many of my great intentions the windows found their way in the pile of things I can transform. I’m glad to put them to use after all.

I could see them being painted in a off white shabby chic style in a more modern house. There’s many ways to customize their look or to use them.


Recycling idea: shoe rack

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This is an idea I came up with while I was searching for a way to keep a few pair of shoes by the door. I have big and small dogs living with me. My shoes were kept by the door in a narrow hallway. Every time the dogs would go by there I’d be sure to have a few single shoe or pairs to go with them. I started thinker about something to use to that effect. I was not into those fancy and expensive racks you get in stores but into something cheap, portable and easy to clean. I remembered that old broken magazine rack I had put away in the garage. What was broken was a few spindles and missing some wood buttons. Perfect! It’s the perfect deal. It holds 4 pair of shoes, the bottom part is removable and with the handle on top it’s portable. Plus, it’s off the ground so there’s less dirt and dust on my shoes.

Magazine rack

Magazine Rack with Shoes


Feel free to use my idea. Recycling and reusing can be simple and easy. Happy recycling!