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Aurora Borealis

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I live in an area where we are lucky to be able to see Northern Lights. Every year in the fall we can admire them dancing and flashing all their colors. It’s quite something do see. They fascinate me. We were blessed with a light show on September 30th. My boyfriend called me and urged me to get out to see the show. I  grabbed my camera and I was able to capture a few great pictures. There two I would like to share.

The green shape

This one makes me think of a Phoenix or a witch face. I like that you can see the stars too. The night was beautiful and clear of clouds leaving the whole sky for the Northern lights to dance.

Above the cars

The previous picture was taken very close to my house then the lights started to move north where my upper pasture is located. I ran as fast as I could camera and tripod on hand. The lights were like a flying ribbon above the old cars row. The neighbor’s farm light reflecting on the side of them. I really like that picture.

This year it was mainly green. I hope to be able to witness another one with more colors before 2013. It’s something fascinating to see.


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