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Just before the leaves started falling I found a nice BMX bike. I have to say that I’m not a BMX fan. I do not collect them and usually they are just a good pretext for stripping or resale. This one didn’t made any difference but it was yellow and blue which are my favorite colors. So the little guy got picked up with other two wheeler friends that were meant to be crushed. Once at home I started scrubbing it to see it how much I could get out of it. Paint was in descent shape, decals good and everything was working. Good I thought. I removed the old dried out tires and outfitted it with new ones. Then I had a crush on it. I couldn’t help it but to try and ride it. Then my lips started stretching. What was it… a smile!? That was it I fell in love with a BMX. Impossible! Never say never they say.

Here’s my boy a 1980’s Venture GT series Free Style.

Venture GT Series

Another thing I really liked about this bike was the grips.

Star grips


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