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Books: The Bicycle Wheel

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Another book I liked from my library system. This one was located at the Viking Municipal Library. The author, Jobst Brandt is an engineer graduate from the Stanford University.  He’s also well known of the cycling community both as a technical expert but also as a rider. This book is from 1988 and published through Avocet.

This book is about the bicycle wheel. Surprise! It’s not about the brands but how they are made. It’s about understanding the laws of physics that apply to a wheel while riding. It’s about understanding the differences and making the right choices for our type of riding. There’s a lot of very well made illustrations and the the descriptions are easy to understand.

The last section is about wheel building. I will be building a set of wheels for one of my bikes very soon and I enjoyed that part. Its well made like the rest of the book and I’ve learned a few things I’m glad I now know before my wheels are being started.

This book would be good for anyone curious about wheels, someone building wheels or just anyone interested in cycling. That’s another book on my “to order” list. This one even have a priority note.

The Bicycle Wheel

Inside the book

In my library copy of the book some had taped good to have information charts at the end of the book. Things like spoke sizing chart, tire/rim compatibility and frame sizing conversion. I will most likely copy those and stick them on my shoppe cabinets.


Happy reading!



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  1. I bought that book at a used book store years ago. Never though something so simple could be so interesting. Mine didn’t have the cool charts taped in the back, though.

    Thanks for sharing.


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