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Book: Radisson

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I’ve recently discovered the Radisson series from Berube. I thought they were appealing so I rushed to my library and found the 2 first tomes. First I have to mention that this series is in french. You got to learn french just to read those graphic novel. It’s worth it. The novel is based on the autobiography from Pierre-Esprit Radisson called the Extrodinary adventures of a “Coureur des Bois”. So the first album is called : “Fils d’Iroquois” and the second one “Mission a Anondaga”. They were published by Glenat.

Tome 1: Fils D’iroquois

tome 2: Mission a Anondaga

There’s now 4 albums and that the end of the series from my understanding. The library only had the 2 first tomes but I’m on the look for the 2 other ones. I enjoyed the graphics. They are different but yet appealing. The characters are warm and lovable even if some might be evil. Good quality of work in this book. I recall Berube saying it took him 5 years to complete the series. That’s a lot of work.

I’ve met Berube at the University of Quebec in Hull while I was studying there. He was quite talented back then and I’m not surprised of what he have done. Nice guy with nice personality. You cannot not like him. An author to discover.

The author: J-S Berube

People start booking your French lesson and learn about the Quebec history through Berube’s book. You won’t be disappointed. I know because I’ m a tough crow and I don’t usually enjoy graphic novels.


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