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Tutorial: How to remove grips from a bicycle

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If you happen to not like the grips on your bike or they are worn or any other reason that makes you want to remove them. This is going to show you how. This apply to rubbery grips. Those who are able to stretch a little. If your grip is brittle or hard please be careful as you don’t want to ruin it.

Let’s get started
What you need:
– flat head screw driver (smaller sized)
– Hair spray, degreaser, WD40, etc… It needs to be slippery.
– That’s it!

Tools for the task

First your will need to move all the accessories on the handle bar to make room to work. If you have brake leavers and shifters it’s going to be easy. I usually loosen them and move them towards the center of the bar.

Grip and space to work

Once this is accomplished take your screw driver and insert it in the the grip. And raise it a a bit to make an opening. Then you can spray your hair spray in there.

Screw driver inserted in grip

Then you work your way inside the grip with the screw driver. If it doesn’t move around the bar get your tool out and reinsert it a little further. I also do twisting motion with with my hand to see the grip is turning. If not continue working around and you can always spray more hair spray in there to help. When the inside is slippery everywhere, your grip shouldn’t have any issue getting out.





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