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Another broken bike

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I knew I had another broken bike laying around the yard. I found it today. It’s a 10 speeds Super Cycle Grand Touring. This time I can’t say what happened to it. It’s sad because the bicycle was complete when I found it and in close to working shape. Oh well. It got stripped down of it’s good parts.

The Super Cycle Grand Touring frame


The outchie


If anyone as an idea of the cause of the booboo on this bike, don’t hesitate to pot a comment.

Cheers and don’t forget to pamper your two wheeler(s).


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  1. I am going with someone laid it out. Lost complete control and went concrete surfing. My son just scratched his new bike. He wasn’t even riding it. It was leaning on a post in the car port.

  2. I’m not sure if that is what happened to this bike, but I had a bike ruined in a way that looked exactly like that. I left it in a garage for an off-season leaning against a bag of chemical fertilizer and it ate right through the frame.

    Shame… thanks for sharing.

  3. looks to me like it could have been a freezing issue. if for whatever reason water got into the tube, froze, and expanded, it would make the metal burst outward to relieve the pressure.


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