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New addition: 1950 Hercules Kestrel

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I’ve had this bike for some seasons now. I never knew if I liked it or not but I had to have it. It’s a beat up 1950 (According to Sturmey Archer rear hub) Hercules Kestrel. It as a 3 speed in hub Sturmey Archer rear hub, 26″ wheels and a big frame. I’m glad the leather shiners are still there. Nothing work except the wheels on it. The chain is rusted so solid that it can’t be moved. I will have to cut it out. They used to be really nice bikes from what I can tell. This one doesn’t hold up to that prestige anymore. It used to have front and back white plastic fenders and a leather seat.

Hercules Kestrel


Broken Headbadge

Top front of bike

oil hole patch

SA hub with shiner



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