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The bike flipping season is officially started. With the first 10 bikes sold I think I can say so. The weather started to be great then today it’s turning. We are expecting about 15cm of snow. It’s been covered all day and started snowing about an hour ago. The ground is slowly getting covered and the thermometer is lowering. I’m not sure how to feel about this. A part of me is happy to see all of that snow and another part of me is feeling guilty of being happy. I would like the flurries to be big and fluffy. They are only little things. We’ll see how it’s going to to turn.

So this bring me to my recent bike addition. A Chinese moto bike. I think it’s an older model but I have no knowledge whatsoever about that kind of bike. I had it running but the power it’s generating is far from being sufficient to go coasting on flat ground. My boyfriend said he would look a it. Nonetheless is a pretty little machine. The down top tube are showing the Shuangma brand. Not really sure if it’s a brand  but that’s the only thing I can read on the bike. The head badge is chinese and so are most of the components on it. I will also get my hands on the owner’s manual soon which is apparently all in chinese too. I have no idea what the cc are for the engine but we’ve guessed 25 to 50cc at the very most. It as a light and a horn that are operated by the motor. It’s a friction system which is not the greatest as it wears the rear tire quite fast. The bikes as drum brakes which makes looks like a moped more than a bike. It’s neat thing and glad to have it my collection.

If anyone as any information about those moto bikes or that can translate the words on the bikes for me please let me know. That would be much appreciated. 🙂


Moto Bike


head badge



front wheel


Rear wheel


Rear wheel other side




Top front




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  1. DisabledCyclist

    Now that’s just COOL!

    The DC


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