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New foldable bike addition

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Yesterday I scored on a new addition to my bicycle collection. I found a nice 1981 Raleigh Stowaway foldable. It needs some work but it’s in a over all good shape. I started working on it a little bit yesterday.

Foldables are nice bikes to ride. I agree they are not like your big mountain bike but they ride nicely and take little space for storage. That makes them ideal for traveling by plane, car, bus and ideal for limited storage at home or work. Now a day they make them so they fit a suitcase, they weight next to nothing and yet feature alloy slim rims, disk brakes, carbon fiber frame and whatnot. Some even have suspension.

Mine is far from that reality but it does fold quite tight. The seat post and the handle bars are retractable which makes this bike smaller. The luggage rack is a part of the frame and feature a pump rack. The white wall 20″ tires seems original to the bike. Rims are in great shape and almost no rust. The frame has a a few scratches from use which I like. I won’t be scared of using it. The rear brake will need rewiring and the gear shifter needs to be hooked up. The bike is a 3 speed in hub Sturmey Archer. Good quality. The saddle is a Brooks made of foamy plastic. The chrome is in very good condition too. Overall this bike is almost ready for the road. A beauty!


The Stowaway

Stoaway folded

Pump mount on rack


This little guy is the 3rd member and the youngest of the foldable crew. The family also have another Raleigh and a Leader Voyageur.

1974 Raleigh Twenty

1965 Leader Voyageur


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