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Recovering a chair

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I sometimes get asked how to recover chairs. So I will do a quick tutorial on how to recover a chair. It’s quite simple and require no sewing.

What you need:
– Scissors
– Heavy cotton
– Stapler with staples (short staples and a construction stapler not a paper one)
– new foam pad (optional if the old one is still good)
You might also need a screwdriver or allen key if your chair as the corner brackets.

First unmounted the padding area. Some have the corner brackets and some have a spinning device. My chair is from IKEA.


Once the fabric pad is off it should look like this.

Then remove the fabric. Mine was torn apart so I just pulled it off. Once its done place your pad with the foam on the fabric you’ve picked and measure it. Leave about 3-4 inches on each side. Mark your edges and cut your piece of fabric. In my case I just left the pad into place and cut around it.  Then you are ready to recover. You will need the staple gun loaded to start this part. Fold the first side of the fabric trying to preserve the 3-4 inches of fabric on each side and staple in the middle. I usually make an nice edge to have a better finishing. Then go to the opposite side and do the same but pull on the fabric to put tension on it. Then do each side applying tension. Then start working your way through all the edges until you’ve reach the corners. You can then make a nice fold. I keep a equal distance within each staples to make a nice finish. Also be careful of the tension on the fabric. You want it tense enough so there’s no fold on the other side but loose enough so the fabric doesn’t tear apart when someone sits on the chair.

This is what it should look like. You can even do better! The black fabric was already there when I got my chairs but you can always find some at the fabric store.

Once the recovering is done put your chair back together and it’s not ready to be used again.

Happy recovering!

Any questions on this project? Go to my contact page and send me a line. I’ll be happy to help.


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